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FEATURED SPONSOR JULY 2016: Acacia Apartments

22 Jul 2016




Acacia Apartments… Home away from home

We spoke to owner, Deidre Morrison


Tell us about Acacia Apartments


I built Acacia Apartments in 1996, opening on Boxing Day with the help of friends feverishly helping to finish off things to dress the paths and gardens, and remove building debris. It was Christmas time, so the day after we opened, we were full to capacity, with much to learn. There is still always much to learn, but really enjoyable, and with more opportunities to grow as a business and as a business owner.


Acacia Apartments is the kind of place where families come, often for several days and it has been one of my greatest joys to get to know some of these families, as they sometimes return each year or two.


The apartments are all self-contained, and I love it when people say that to come is like finding a home away from home. That is how I envisioned Acacia before deciding to build. There are 10 apartments and one of them has been built specially for disability support. That has been appreciated by lots of people over the years. It is wheelchair friendly and also suitable for guests with allergies. I am glad we had help at the building stage to provide this facility.


What is new in your business?


We are always thinking of new ways to enhance holidays and to meet expectations, so adding NBN has been good, especially as everyone seems to bring a device or two with them. I visited one apartment to find four young people talking to each other, on their phones!


We have some little fire pits so people can cook a barbecue, sit around the fire pits and chat, or burn marshmallows! I like to think that things like this, and the swimming pool, are the kind of things that enhance the trip to KI, and make memories.


We have a conference and function room which is often used for local meetings, and sometimes for parties or wedding celebrations. I especially enjoyed having a few couples marry in the gardens then celebrate here afterwards.


How does or can your business contribute to the business community? (ie provide employment, function room, catering, hire equipment, support services etc)


Any business that employs local people is supporting our community and we like to support in other ways as well, sometimes providing accommodation or meeting space for people as they seek to assist our community.


Why did you join Business Kangaroo Island and how do you see it helping your business?


Business Kangaroo Island gathers us all together to share expertise, skills and dilemmas, and to build a common vision for Kangaroo Island enterprise. I appreciate these opportunities and encourage others to join as well.  Educational speakers, shared ideas and branding exercises will all help us to grow in business on KI.


What are some positive opportunities you see for Kangaroo Island businesses in the future?


On Kangaroo Island we look forward to new opportunities, greater visitation, and greater financial benefit. Looking forward now to see how we can all participate, and support each other, will be vital. There may be co-operative marketing and advertising, and research benefits as we continue to find markets that are looking for just what we have to offer on KI: amazing nature experiences, beautiful coastlines, and friendly locals!




Many thanks to Acacia Aparmtents for being our Featured Sponsor. 









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