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Building a positive and prosperous future for Kangaroo Island businesses and families.



Business Kangaroo Island is an incorporated body, with a Constitution and a Charter


The aim of Business Kangaroo Island is to further the economic development and prosperity of Kangaroo Island businesses, we see our group as a voice for all businesses. 


We will be a positive advocate for the future direction and opportunities on Kangaroo Island.  The power of Business Kangaroo Island will be in the number of supporters (members) we have – the greater the number the bigger the voice.


Our membership base currently has representatives from:


  • Real Estate

  • Motor Trades

  • Hardware & Specialty stores

  • Fuel outlets

  • Earthmovers

  • Builders & Allied Trades

  • Hotels & Pubs

  • Accommodation providers

  • Banks

  • Developers

  • Tourism Operators

  • Media

  • Education & Health Professionals

  • Agricultural producers (Sheep/Cattle/Grain/Poultry/Pigs)

  • Fisheries & Aquaculture

  • Beauty & Fitness

  • Café’s & Restaurants

  • Vineyards & Wineries

       and more!


Business Kangaroo Island has developed a logo which represents the all local businesses on Kangaroo Island, along with the significant networking and interaction between those businesses.

We want to keep our members informed on developments so that the concerns of the ‘doubters’ can be addressed, and the correct information dispersed, to provide a positive voice and encourage investment on Kangaroo Island.

In short we aim to provide Business News, Business Views & Business Benefits; since our incorporation in early 2015 we are working to continually develop these concepts and over the years hope to continue to represent all business on Kangaroo Island becoming a peak business body.

Business Kangaroo Island received some initial seed funding (to help with establishment) from the Kangaroo Island Futures Authority with the support of the Hon. John Rau MP. We were very grateful for this funding, however we also must acknowledge that this funding came with no strings attached and that Business Kangaroo Island will always remain an independent body, representing the views of its members; the businesses of Kangaroo Island. 

Finally I would like to invite all Kangaroo Island businesses to become a member, and work collaboratively with us to create a positive and prosperous future for Kangaroo Island.

Sharon Kauppila, Chairperson

The current working Committee of Business Kangaroo Island are:



Sharon Kauppila

Kauppila Pty Ltd/KI Hire

Vice Chairperson

Alice Teasdale

Big Quince Print/KI Paperworks/Duck Duck Goose

Executive Officer

Debbie Clarke

Kauppila Pty Ltd


Ray Wadsworth

Island Electrics


Maria Morgan


General Committee Member

Tom Fryar

KI Free Range Eggs


General Committee Member

Peter Davis

Island Beehive

General Committee Member

Cathleen Wallis

SeaLink Travel Group

General Committee Member

Tamsin Wendt

Ocean View Kangaroo Island

General Committee Member

Tony Willson

Willson Earthmovers


    Business Kangaroo Island have adopted a Code of Conduct, Constitution and a Charter.